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We are excited to once again announce that the FULL MOON JAMS ARE BACK!!! AND AT OUR ORIGINAL LOCATION AT FOSTER BEACH!!

As always, the Jams will start at sunset (around 7:30pm) and Safety Trainings start at 6:00pm. All performers must bring proof of vaccine to participate as required by the city of Chicago. You can also sign up for our off-site training that will be held in the West Loop on August 22nd and September 11th -

Delta variant cases are on the rise in Chicago, so we still need everyone’s help to keep the most vulnerable among us safe. A few things to keep in mind for these upcoming Jams:

We request that the drum circle be as large as possible so that there is ample room for everyone to remain distanced when dancing.

The South end of the Great Circle has traditionally been family-oriented, and because children under 12 are not eligible for the vaccine we are asking everyone to be extra diligent wearing masks in that area for the protection of our smallest attendees. We plan on making the Great Circle larger than normal to permit more distance between blankets.

We want to remind everyone that our first priority continues to be the health, safety and well-being of our community. We are grateful for everyone’s consideration and support in helping us to ensure that no one becomes ill attending our event.

As always, the Jams are a family-friendly, leave-no-trace event and there is no alcohol, illegal substances, open flames, fireworks, flash photography, lasers, or drones permitted per Chicago Park District laws. For everyone's continued safety, all performers, staff, and volunteers will be masked and distanced.

Please be courteous of others. Wear your mask, socially distance, and wash your hands.

For the latest information on COVID guidelines, please visit:

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Neighbor. Protect Our Parks.

Protect the Community. Protect the Jams.


Photo by Sean Osborne

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