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Full Moon Jams & Chicago Park District Policies:

- This is a Family-Friendly, sober event
- Leave No Trace (help us clean up)
- Be Respectful and Inclusive
- No alcohol or illegal substances
- No flash photography
- No open flames, Tiki torches, floating lanterns, or fireworks
- No glass, weapons, lasers or drones
- No bright lights or amplified sound over 90 decibels
- Protect The Community! Protect The Jams!

If you do not have a drum, please do not enter the drum circle. We ask that everyone respect the designated areas and each other's spaces.

Please take a few moments to HELP US CLEAN UP the park at 10pm! Our event is entirely volunteer run and much of our crew has been on site for 6 hours by the end of the night and are exhausted, so we appreciate everyone's support with our clean-up efforts and helping to make sure the park is cleaner than when we arrived. If you need trash bags or gloves, please come find us on the south end of the circle.

Attendees MUST leave the park by 11pm. It is extremely important that we maintain a good relationship with the city so that we can continue to host the Jams. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!

If you see anyone not adhering to these policies or creating any kind of disturbance, please find an event organizer (by the south end of the Jam) and let us know so we can help out.


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