All performers and volunteers are required to read and agree to uphold the Code of Conduct before participating in the event [Click to Expand]...

The primary mission of the Chicago Full Moon Jam is to celebrate a love of performance, music, fire, and movement, and to create positive relationships among Chicago communities. The FMJs are meant to foster a culture of mutual care, social responsibility, and creative community engagement. We are dedicated to nurturing a fun, inclusive, and welcoming space at our events. Event participants are expected to adhere to the FMJ rules and our core philosophies. Performers and volunteers are expected to be in a clear and sober frame of mind when participating in the FMJs. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the set-up and fueling area, and no fire is allowed outside of the performance circle. Always ask permission before using someone else’s equipment/tools and respect their right to decline. Safe, respectful, and responsible behavior is how we look out for each other, the event, and the FMJ community. Participants are expected to respect each other’s boundaries and personal space. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants or unwelcome behavior in any form, including: offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or other protected class status, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Unwelcome behavior includes actions that disrupt an event, disturb fellow attendees, or disrespect the venue or staff. Participants asked to stop any harassing or unwelcome behavior are expected to comply immediately. Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the event or other sanctions as deemed appropriate at the discretion of the organizers. Such behaviors bring harm to members of our community and are therefore harmful to all of us. If you have any other concerns, please contact a member of FMJ event staff (FMJ volunteer staff can be identified in orange Full Moon Jam T-shirts; FMJ leads can be identified in red Full Moon Jam T-shirts) immediately. FMJ event staff will be happy to help participants contact local law enforcement, or otherwise assist so that participants can feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance. This policy is based in part on the anti-harassment policy developed by the Ada Initiative, and the CHIditarod Core Philosophies.


Is photography/videography allowed?

Yes! We welcome photographers, but ask that you do NOT use flash photography, as it can be dangerously distracting to performers. Also, if you are using a tripod, we recommend using a low-level tripod rather than a full standing one, as you may be blocking the view of others if you’re at the front of the crowd. We encourage photographers and videographers to introduce themselves to organizers and ask that you speak to specific performers if you wish to use their images for anything other than photos/video taken for personal enjoyment/use. When posting photos or videos of the jams, please be sure to tag “Chicago Full Moon Fire Jam” and feel free to send us an email with links to photo albums and/or videos so we can share them with those in our Facebook Group. Drones are not permitted at the Jams due to Chicago Park District regulations.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The jams are not held rain or shine. If a jam is cancelled, there will be no jam that month. Any weather cancellations are made the day of the jam by 4PM CDT. Cancellation announcements are made via Twitter, the FMJ email list and Facebook group page.

What are the Full Moon Jams?

The jams are FREE monthly celebrations, bringing together a diverse community of performers, musicians and spectators. Dozens of fire spinners perform to music provided by local percussionists, using performance tools such as poi (a set of chains with weighted ends), staff, hula hoops and fans. It’s a display that is part artistry and part athleticism, inspired by a long tradition of fire performance with roots in South Pacific cultures. Fire spinners include everyone from amateur hobbyists to professional performance artists and Chicago jam performers usually come from the city, greater Chicagoland area and neighboring Great Lakes regions.

Can I bring a picnic to the jam?

Spectators are invited to bring picnics to enjoy during the jams. Per Chicago Park District rules, no alcohol or illegal substances are permitted and the police WILL ticket for violations of park regulations. You are welcome to bring chairs, but please respect your fellow spectators. If you bring a high standing lawn chair, do not place yourself at the front and block the site-lines of those behind you. Remember: The Jam is a Leave It Better event, meaning we ask everyone to participate in helping us to make the park cleaner then we when arrived.

What about pets?

Pets are welcome at the jams, but please keep them leashed and respect both the park and your fellow spectators: pick up after your pet.

What is the Jam's policy on vending?

The FMJs are a free-to-the-public, unpaid volunteer-run event. The FMJs do not endorse or coordinate with any commercial or vending efforts taking place at the jam. Any vendors at the jams are solely responsible for their own licensing and ensuring they are in compliance with the rules as set forth by the City of Chicago and the Chicago Parks District.

Where can I learn more?

Join The Full Moon Jam Facebook Group to keep apprised on weather cancellations, look through the latest photo albums, learn more about other Jam related events and how to get more involved.

I’m a fire performer. How can I join in the jams?

Fire performers must be 18+ and have a certificate of insurance for each jam (or if a fire spinner is a minor, a legal guardian must be present and both the minor spinner and legal guardian must attend a scheduled fire safety session in order for the minor fire spinner to spin at a jam). Just like the jams, these sessions are free to attend and, once you’ve attended, you will be able to spin fire FMJs for the next 2 years. The organizers request that if you’ve never spun fire before, that you not do so at a jam. Instead, first-time burners are encouraged to contact the jam organizers (info@fullmoonjam.org) so you can talk to experienced fire spinners who can help with your practice and address any questions/concerns you might have. All fire spinners who perform at the jams are asked to respect the following: 1. Safety first. All fire spinners who wish to spin at a jam must first attend a fire jam safety training and orientation session. If you do not attended orientation, you can not spin fire at a jam! Protect the crowd, protect the community, protect yourself! Be safe! Be sober! Wear fire-safe performance clothing and accessories (natural fibers only!). 2. Bring your own props and white gas. These are not provided by the organizers. Do NOT bring dipping containers (unless your prop requires it), or safety blankets as those will be provided by the jam. Coleman / Crown’s White Gas and Ultra Pure Lamp Oil are the only acceptable fuels approved for use at the jam. If you require another fuel type, please notify the organizers ahead of time. 3. If you have unusual or special tools or are a fire breather, please inform the organizers before the jam starts so we can take adequate precautions. Fire breathers are required to attend a Level 2 FMJ Training & Orientation that can be held before the jam upon advanced request. If you require additional considerations (such as a hearing disability), the organizers will do their best to accommodate your needs. 4. Spin once/safety once. Every performer who spins is expected to take over as a safety IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING his or her spin each time a performer enters the circle. You will then be relieved by the spinner for whom you are safetying. FIRE IS ONLY ALLOWED INSIDE THE PERFORMANCE CIRCLE.

Fire performers do not have individual coverage under our group policy. We carry insurance to protect our group in the event that any fire performer's negligence creates an accident causing bodily injury to another person or damage to someone else’s property. We do not require, but strongly encourage all fire performers purchase their own individual fire performance insurance as a means of personal financial protection. You would incur significant financial hardship if you cause an accident and need to defend yourself in court. Purchasing coverage of your own personal fire performer insurance policy would protect you. The Full Moon Jam is insured via PEEP Insurance (www.PEEPinsurance.com). Contact is Dale Wittick (dale.wittick@peepinsurance.com).

Insurance for fire performers can be purchased through PEEP Insurance (for outdoor coverage only). Contact us for further recommendations for indoor insurance policies. Whenever considering the purchase of a personal liability insurance policy, be sure to compare not just the cost of the policy, but what the policy specifically covers, what the amount of liability coverage amount is and what your needs as a performer are.