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Return of The Full Moon Jam!

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It has been a long and grueling road, but we are excited to finally announce that the FULL MOON JAMS ARE COMING BACK!!! (AND AT A TEMPORARY NEW LOCATION!)

The Jam will take place from sunset to 10:00 pm. Be sure to bring a chair because the audience will still be in the parking lot and surrounding grass. Due to the fact that we are not at %100 vaccination status, we ask everyone to be respectful of others and maintain social distancing whenever possible. Wear a mask out of consideration for those in the community who have not yet been vaccinated and PLEASE keep washing your hands.

During the planning of this event, Chicago was in Phase IV, which meant that social distancing protocols were in place and group gatherings were restricted to groups of 100 or less. Because of this, the Jams were forced to make some adjustments to the season, but despite their new form, the Jams will still be rooted in the familiar spirit of fire, drumming and community. Throughout quarantine, the organizers worked hard to find a way to make the most of our circumstances by exploring new ways to host the Jams. This year, we will be trying something different as an experiment that worked within the planning parameters that were available to us up until recently. We aim to all take the lessons we learn from these new experiences in order to make the traditional Jam season even better when we hopefully return to it later this year.

With that said, we are happy to announce that the first Chicago Full Moon Jam of 2021 will take place at the Humboldt Park Boathouse at 1301 N Humboldt Drive on Thursday, July 22nd from 7:00pm - 10:00pm!

Attendees do NOT need to make a reservation and will be allowed to sit in the (closed) parking lot and surrounding grass. We ask everyone to be respectful of others by continuing to social distance whenever possible, using hand sanitizer, and wearing masks as a courtesy to your neighbors.

We have been working to bring the jams to new locations around the city for many years and found The Humboldt Park Boathouse was the most sensible location to host a Jam this year due to its convenient layout, ideal location, accessibility options. It even has an elevated staging area for the fire performers!

We are hoping to return to the traditional and beloved Jam home at Foster beach later this year, but we also hope that the Lagoon Moon Jam will be the first of many Jams held in new areas around Chicago and that these opportunities will provide communities in new neighborhoods a chance to experience the magic, joy, and love of fire and drumming that we have all shared for so many years.

Our first priority continues to be the health, safety, and well-being of our ever-growing community. We appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding, and generous support as we continue to follow the path to recovery.

As always, the Jams are a family-friendly, leave-no-trace event and there is no alcohol, illegal substances, open flames, fireworks, flash photography, lasers, or drones permitted per Chicago Park District laws.

For everyone's continued safety, all performers, staff, and volunteers will be masked and distanced.

Please be courteous of others. Wear a mask, socially distance, and wash your hands!

For the latest information on COVID guidelines, please visit:

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Neighbor. Protect Our Parks.

Protect the Community. Protect the Jams.

Photo by Sean Osborne

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