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New Moon Jam - Lions, Tigers & Bears! Oh My!

The Full Moon Jam's New Moon Jam Fundraiser is THIS SATURDAY, December 16th! Daytime workshops run from 10am - 4pm at Margate Park Fieldhouse and the after-party will be hosted at a Private South Side Studio near State & Roosevelt from 6pm - 12am!

Here is the complete line-up of all of our amazing performers, instructors, & DJs as well as a list of Class Descriptions!

Tickets are on sale now at!



Instructor + Showcase Performer

Cryptid Kid is a dancer who fell in love with the weird world of sideshow, and has been performing fire manipulation, sword-swallowing, hook suspension, and many other sideshow acts on stages from Chicago to the Bahamas for 5 years. They are a sideshow expert and dancer of the Vaudettes, Chicago's rock and roll dance troupe, and a leader in the Chicago Full Moon Jam - the hub of fire spinning in Chicago.


In this class, Cryptid Kid will teach 30-45 seconds of choreography for fire or LED fans, most suitable for beginner- to intermediate-level spinners who have a baseline understanding of tech and love moving to music.


Instructor + Showcase Performer

Chicago-built and based, Rozbot has performed and taught professionally for 13 years now. Not satisfied with just moving excellently, she meticulously dissects and breaks down movements and illusions into their component parts so as to better understand and share the boogie. Forever cooking up something funky in the lab. Now, come take a journey through the Uncanny Valley with Rozbot!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Footwork Funk and Flow

A beginner dance class that builds fundamentals of rhythmic movement! This class teaches students how to sync up their feet with their core movement. The idea of the “jack” (the universal oscillation) will be taught along with ways to build a foundation for dance.



Eric Sipos is a Chicago juggler and fire performer. They coach at Aloft Circus Arts.


The Intro to Juggling workshop is tailored to those who have never juggled or those who have just begun their juggling journey. It will guide all ages through the steps to learn the fundamental juggling pattern, the cascade. No props required but all props welcomed!


Instructor + Showcase Performer

A dancer who found hula hoops over ten years ago, Rj has been embracing movement therapy for years. Hoop dance brings your body and mind together as one to create a dynamic rhythm that gives you the ability to take on daily life. As a neurodivergent individual, Rj strives to create a unique environment for people to embrace their own experiences with movement. Flow arts are here to inspire and help express oneself.


Intro to hoops is exactly as it sounds! Have you ever wanted to learn how to hula hoop on your body? Have you ever wanted to build some basic hoop skills? This class is for you! If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a hoop or develop existing skills, then join me for this fun class! Extra hula hoops will be provided and all skill levels are welcome.


This class helps loosen up anyone who feels as if they are out of place, needs to stim in a social setting or get to know others. Very much like the days of being a little kid in gym class, the goal of this movement class is to shake off the feelings of “socially acceptable behavior”. This is for anyone and requires no props. Consent is key in this class! Sometimes being excited can lead to overwhelming others. Remember to respect yourself and those around you. 



Aimee Bass has over 20 years of experience as a percussionist, drum circle facilitator and teaching artist.  She brings rhythms of the world to folks of all ages at live performances, interactive events, schools, festivals, theater and spectacles.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Intro to Drumming 

This workshop will help you find your groove for the Full Moon Jam and any drum circles.  No experience is necessary.  We'll play some universal rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments. You will learn the basics of djembe playing and how to add your own unique expression. A set of dundun bass drums will be available for you to try as well. Bring a djembe if you have one, but any other drums are welcome including frame drums, doumbeks, and more.  There will be some extra drums and percussion available for you to play. 


Instructor + Showcase Performer

Nancy (Fire Flower) is a lover of many forms of art and movement. She is a poet, yoga teacher, and sometimes a photographer. She loves other art forms, but fire is what truly lights up her soul! She began performing with fire at age 14 with her fire batons and never lost her passion for the flames. She is a multi-prop performer using batons, levi wand, dragon staff, fans, and more. Learning new props is always a part of her world and she lives for creative exploration. She also performs with flow props including silk fans, LED batons, and more.

She is an Organizer for the Chicago Full Moon Jam, helping to share the art of fire flow with thousands of people. She performs at the Full Moon Jam events and teaches fire safety for fire performers. Bringing new people into the world of fire is a source of joy! She believes that we all have a creative spirit within us, we just need to embrace it. 

Her full-time career is in fitness and wellness, currently manages a hot exercise and yoga studio. 

Nancy performs at fire jams, festivals, parades as well as private events. Her performances are dynamic and mesmerizing! She is continually grateful for every opportunity to intrigue and inspire!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Yoga Fusion: Flexibility, Balance & Focus

This class combines movements from Yoga, Pilates and Barre to create a fun, flowing practice. You’ll flow continuously through strong sequences as you push the edge of your balance and flexibility. Learn how to incorporate these movements and postures into your flow performance. Discover how connecting with your breath can create focus on the mat, in your performances and in your life. 

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Baton/Double Staff Spins & Tosses

Learn traditional baton spins and finger spins. Combine these with simple double-staff moves for a unique flow. Discover the tricks to toss and catch flawlessly. Tossing techniques can also apply to other props, such as staff or even dragon staff. "


Instructor + Showcase Performer

Flow Artist and Performer based out of Chicago, Sage stumbled into Flow Arts seven years ago and has never looked back. In the past 4 years, Sage has been enamored with the dragon staff and the way it moves like silk across her body has left an imprint on her soul. Needless to say her heart has met its fiery match. 

“Nothing speaks louder than movement and using it to tell a story or express emotions that can’t be put into words is something special, and I love to help others explore that as well. Connecting with my dragon staff gave me my power and voice back when it was lost and I absolutely adore helping people find the same kind of connection and passion with movement flow arts.”

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Dragon Bonding (Intro To Dragon Staff)

Beginner level - no experience needed! All things beginner, including Chi Rolls (forward and reverse arm spins), Cheating Death, T-rolls & transitions between movements!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: They See Me Rollin’; (Dragon Staff)

Intermediate level - an understanding of chi-roll and cheating death techniques is recommended. This class will focus on different pathways of rolls like bridges, chest rolls and “Steve’s”, as well as alternative routes that help change direction like snapbacks and palm spins!



Rachel is a multiprop fire dancer working at the intersection of movement, visual art, and technology.  Beginning with a single hoop five years ago, she now performs with fire and LEDs throughout Chicago, while exploring ways to merge her passion of movement art and creative technology. She has been performing throughout the Chicago area for the past three years and cannot wait to combine her passions for teaching and fans.   


Intro to fans will be just that, an introduction to the limitless possibilities with fans.  In this class, we will go over fan grips, letter relations, and core moves to get you flowing and comfortable dancing with fans.  It does not matter what kind of fans you have, but you will need a set for this class.  Come with any questions you may currently have about fans and don't be afraid to ask questions as they pop up during class!


Instructor + Showcase Performer

Bean once looked into the eyes of a buffalo and didn't blink. He lit his first fire staff on New Year's Eve in 2012 and has since picked up double staves, swords, dragon staff, fans, poi, wings, and meteor dart. Basically, if it lights on fire, he will swing it around.

Devin has been a Chicago Full Moon Jam organizer since 2014 and became a lead and board member in 2017. He has also been part of the Flow Arts Institute crew as a safety lead at Kinetic Fire in Ohio and a Day-of-Show Producer at the Old Town School of Folk Music since 2017.

In addition to flow, he also enjoys playing lap steel guitar, drawing, painting, traveling, eating tacos, juggling, photography, game design, writing, and other such nerdy activities. He strives to foster communities and to educate and encourage the love of art. Like a wizard, he always arrives precisely when he needs to...and usually in a hat. 


This class will focus on the basic foundations of manipulating two poi with no experience needed. We will discuss the philosophy of Flow, timing, rhythm, and the mechanics of your hands doing opposite things at the same time. Techniques taught will include Pendulums, Extensions, Corkscrews, Body Wraps, Weaves (Figure 8), Buzzsaws, Reels & Turns.



Robert Bershadsky, aka Lion, has been going to the Full Moon Jam since 2015 as a spectator and 2021 as a performer. Years of acroyoga and partner acrobatics opened up his world to physical movement and creative exploration, which brought him to the fire/flow community in 2019/2020. Since 2020, Lion has been performing professionally in many facets of his circus lifestyle. He hopes to expand the Full Moon Jam's essence of community outreach, and opportunities for those not in the community to empower themselves with classes in flow arts. He also is excited to bring his energy of playfulness to keep the joyful expanding nature of movement arts for years to come to the Jam. 


Lion will be teaching an Acroyoga workshop in the afternoon that is easily accessible to all bodies and promotes creativity for prop manipulation.


- Warmed up body

- Belly filled with laughter

- Willingness to trust others and to move slow

- Yoga mats or padding is recommended, but not required


Showcase Performer

Kateyeo has been involved with the flow arts for 6+ years and has dabbled in many props, but fans are what you'll find her with here! She has a passion for art and a love for fire but appreciates community the most, and has even started her own troupe called The Deadly Sins.

She will be performing in the showcase at the after-party! Don't be shy to come up and say hello!


AfterParty DJ

10pm - 11pm

Cameron Robert (DJ Roscoe), a dynamic force in Chicago's electronic music scene for the past two years. With a penchant for blending deep house, disco, tech house, and sometimes French house & Indie, Roscoe crafts immersive sonic experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from a background in performance art, Roscoe weaves a unique narrative through their sets, fueled by the profound connection to music discovered during their time as a performer. This fusion of art forms results in a DJ style that goes beyond the beats, creating an atmospheric journey for their audience.

While Roscoe thrives in the underground scene, delivering pulsating sets at unconventional venues, they've also ventured into new territories. Co-producing a drag brunch show on NorthHalsted, Roscoe brings their signature sound to a broader audience, infusing daytime vibes with the same energy that fuels the darker corners of the city's nightlife.

With a commitment to pushing musical boundaries and a passion for the intersection of performance art and electronic beats, DJ Roscoe continues to leave an indelible mark on Chicago's diverse and vibrant music landscape.


AfterParty DJ

11pm - 12am

Con_bot (he/they) is a musician, DJ, and producer. They specialize in House and Garage but enjoy weaving through Pop, Hip-Hop, Breakbeats, and more, all the while telling a warm and upbeat story with their sets. A long-time Burner, they have played Lakes of Fire multiple times and many Burner parties as well as Ecstatic Dance, and maintained a mainstay spot in the 2022 Rewind event series.

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