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Full Moon Jam 2022 Season Announcement!

We are excited to announce the Chicago Full Moon Jam 2022 Summer Season!

We are all still glowing from kicking off the 18th year of the Full Moon Jams by hosting the surprise Lunar Eclipse Jam on May 15th at the Arrington Lagoon in Dawes Park in Evanston. Words can't even describe how magical it felt to be back together again and in such a beautiful location! Things were a little drizzly at first, but it soon cleared up and ended up being an absolutely wonderful evening, with the Moon peaking out just after the Jam ended for a flawless and breathtaking finale. It was truly an unbelievably amazing experience and we are so grateful for everyone that came out to volunteer, perform, dance, and celebrate with us. We want to thank Citizens Greener Evanston and the City of Evanston again for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the Lunar Eclipse with our beloved community and to share our joy with new audiences.

We are thrilled to once again be part of the Chicago Park District's Night Out In The Parks program and have 4 Jams scheduled this year on June 13th, July 13th, August 11th, and September 8th at our home on the fields of Foster Beach and plans are in the works to host a 5th Jam in October on the southside of Chicago, which we will announce later this year. We will also have 3 Reserve Jam Fire Safety Trainings scheduled every 2 months between June and October, so if you are a fire performer, photographer, or would like to learn more about how you can volunteer for the Jams, you can go to to sign-up to attend a Reserve Jam!

We want to remind everyone of the Full Moon Jam policies that we have in place in order to maintain the safety and comfort of all our attendees and to help ensure that our events can continue to happen for years to come. We want to thank everyone in advance for helping us to share these policies with others.

Full Moon Jams Policies:

  • Family-Friendly

  • Leave No Trace (help us clean up)

  • Be Respectful and Inclusive

  • No alcohol or illegal substances

  • No flash photography

  • No open flames, tiki torches, floating lanterns, or fireworks

  • No weapons

  • No lasers

  • No drones

  • No glass

  • No bright lights (must face away from the fire circle and the crowd)

  • No amplified sound over 90 decibels

  • Protect The Community

  • Protect The Jams

If you see anyone not adhering to these policies or creating a disturbance, please find an event organizer (by the south end of the Jam) and let us know so we can help out.

FMJ Sound and Light Policy:

While we welcome all forms of family-friendly expression, the Full Moon Jam requests that amplified sound and light installations be approved in advance. In addition, the FMJ requires that any lights and amplified sound *face away* from the fire circle and the crowd (towards the lake) and that sound levels be less than 90 decibels. We require these in order to prevent potentially dangerous distractions to the fire performers, as well as to better maintain musical cohesion by preventing a singular sound from taking over too large an area of the Jam. The FMJ wants to honor the traditions that the Jam was founded on by preserving communal drumming and dancing by moonlight as the core of the event.

If you would like to bring a sound or light installation, send a proposal to

We can't wait to dance with you all again under the moonlight this summer and want to thank you all for helping to keep this magical tradition alive for so many years!

📷 - Larry Smith Photography

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