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New Foundation Board Member Announcement!

We are excited to announce that the Full Moon Jam Foundation has a new board member - Lorca Jolene! The Jams are facing a plethora of new challenges this year and we are confident that Lorca will be a positive force of change in overcoming those challenges. Their experience, communication and initiative will be invaluable as we expand our programming. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Lorca Jolene (Cryptid Kid) is a dancer who fell in love with the weird and wild world of sideshow. They aim to inspire wonder and curiosity through performing as a fire breather, fire eater, hook suspension artist, and human pincushion. Their favorite props are fire fans and sword. After performing with Pyrotechniq Productions for two years, Lorca joined Chicago's rock and roll dance troupe, the Vaudettes, in 2019 as a dancer, fire performer, and choreographer. The highlights of their performance career (so far) have been dancing on the Showtime show, "Work in Progress" with the Vaudettes and performing (as the villain, of course) in Full Moon Jam's production "The Moonlight Parade."

Lorca attributes much of their growth as an artist to members of the Full Moon Jam community, who are their mentors, teachers, and collaborators. They are passionate about the Full Moon Jam's potential as a model fire spinning event, a vibrant part of Chicago's arts scene, and an inclusive community that encourages artists of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities to express and challenge themselves.

When they're not on stage, Lorca works as the archivist of one of the country's largest community foundations.

Photo by Valerie Jencks

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