The Chicago Full Moon Jam is pleased to announce the premiere of The Moonlight Parade, an epic choreographed fire performance spectacle written and directed by Devin Sebastian Bean. The performance will be staged at Cloud Gate (aka the Bean) in the heart of downtown Chicago on Saturday, September 21 as a part of the Millennium Park Summer Theatre Residencies. The project is a grant recipient from DCASE and the City of Chicago in celebration of the 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre. 

Join the heroic Luna on her fiery journey of loss and redemption, as she battles Malice, Strife, and Discord, and finds herself in the all-consuming presence of Death itself. Find strength and beauty in community as you walk alongside Luna in celebration of the power we all hold when we come together as one.


As the audience gathers in preparation for the Moonlight Parade fire spectacle, the Full Moon Jam Foundation will be holding open community poi and hoop workshops. These are non-fire, all-ages, beginner workshops led by seasoned Full Moon Jam performers and teachers. All comers are welcome to dance and try out non-fire movement props, as an introduction to the wonderful world of dance and flow.

Join us for community flow arts dance workshops held at the Bean from 6:00 - 6:45 PM. The Moonlight Parade fire spectacle will be presented from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Participants are invited to bring drums and glow props, but we ask that you do not play them until the intermission and after the conclusion of the choreographed performances during the Parade.

This is Full Moon Jam's 15th year of celebrating community, fire, drumming, and dancing under the moonlight. The Full Moon Jam is built on inclusiveness, community, and respect. All FMJ events follow a leave-no-trace, family-friendly, and alcohol-free policy. The Full Moon Jam encourages community connection, and our events are always free to the public.